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Yoshiko Tezuka Profile


1954Year Born in Shizuoka City

1978Year Graduated from Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Hosei University

~1985 Worked for a major publishing company in Tokyo

1985Year~ Design company management

2012Year~ Moved to the natural forest inherited from my grandfather in Miyakoda Town

Hamamatsu City developed an industrial area in the surrounding area, but did not sell it, and lived in greenery.

【Introduction of Yoshiko Tezuka's activities】
Double military spending, cut social security, and say no to the Kishida administration of the former Unification Church collusion! !!

In cooperation with citizens, we will work in parliament to realize your wishes, just as we stopped the privatization of water supply.

Japan Story of the Communist Party Platform

0534742145Contact: Japan Communist Party Shizuoka Prefecture Western District Committee Tel.053-474-2145